Miss Albadea of Luther Marsh

Luther Marsh

At the headwaters of the Grand River we find Luther Marsh, a significant reservoir and natural habitat for many varieties of flora and fauna. Luther Marsh is a biological treasure tucked away in the upper reaches of the Grand River Valley and is one of southern Ontario’s most significant wetlands. This carefully managed habitat happens to be a favourite for roosting Great Egrets.

Great Egret

The Great Egret (Ardea Alba) is a large wading white heron that was hunted almost to extinction in Ontario. The loss of breeding habitat is the Egret’s biggest threat today, making Luther Marsh an excellent place to visit to see this magnificent bird.

Here we see the tall and elegant Miss Albadea dressed as the Great Egret ready to begin her mating dance.

Miss Albadea is a 25″ tall soft sculpted cloth doll. She is dressed in vintage linen and a lace doily. Her wings and headress are real feathers. Albadea’s mask is carefully beaded and attached by small ribbons. Her wired armatute makes her completly articulated.

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