Elora Gorge

I went to grade school in Elora and have fond memories of playing in the gorge under the watchful gaze of the David St. bridge. It was a time before the safety fences and we told ghost stories of the people who fell to their deaths in the gorge every year.

Elora Gorge by Jax
Elora’s head is in the clouds as she sits holding the David St. bridge. Elora’s body is the sky, her arms and legs; the gorge walls and her skirts, the river itself.


4 thoughts on “Elora Gorge”

  1. Hi Jax Rula
    I am organizing a Water show for the month of August in Elora, at the Creperie and Ashanti Café. I would love to able to present your doll Elora Gorge, as part of the show. Works sill be for sale, but let me know if this works for you. There are other ways we might work this into the show.
    Thanks. Peter

    1. Hi Peter
      Unfortunately, the entire collection will be on Show at Chiefswood museum for the entire month of August
      Maybe we could organize something after that

  2. Hi, we love your exhibit. While you may not be able to join our Water Month Exhibition, we have added you to our Virtual Water Month page. Thanks so much for your powerful work!

    1. Thank you so much. Are you hosting a water month exhibit next year? Maybe we could arrange for the entire show plus supporting artists to be on exhibit then.

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