Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell (1847 – 1922) was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. Both of his brothers died of tuberculosis, so when he became ill Alec’s family was told to move to Ontario Canada where he could find healing living along the banks of the Grand River.

So when Alexander was in his early 20’s his family moved to Ontario and purchased a farm near Brantford. Despite his frail condition upon arriving in Canada, Alec found the climate and environment along the banks of The Grand to his liking, and rapidly improved.

When Alec discovered the Six Nations Reserve across the river at Onondaga, he learned the Mohawk language and translated its unwritten vocabulary into visible speech symbols. For his work, he was awarded the title of Honorary Chief and participated in a ceremony where he donned a Mohawk headdress and danced traditional dances.

I have recreated a young Alec wearing Chief George Johnson’s favourite outfit.

This is my photo of reference.

Alec and Frances

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