Nancy Peng

“In art, I search for the beauty beyond the flaws and imperfections and find inspiration in nature as well as the people around me.”

Confluence - Watercolour, Ink and Gouache by Nancy Peng
Confluence – Watercolour, Ink and Gouache by Nancy Peng

Although we often think that we live in a land locked City, we only have to look closer to find that we live along a network of rivers and streams and small lakes in Waterloo.  Even in a City-like park such as RIM Park there is a trail along the Grand River to take us back to nature.

Nancy Peng has a degree in mathematics from The University of Waterloo and blends her analytical skills and creativity in her approach to art and teaching. She enjoys the technical aspects of printmaking and teaches “Watercolour Exploration” at The Button Factory in Waterloo. Nancy is an artist at The Art District Gallery in Kitchener and is a long time advocate of volunteerism and community engagement in Waterloo Region.

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