Amy Ferrari

Going for a drive with my husband is one of my favourite things to do.  Lucky for me, he likes to do the driving!  That frees me up to let my mind relax and float out the window, into the wonderfully scenic country that surrounds Kitchener-Waterloo.  Or maybe, instead of floating, I’m taking pictures for scenes that could possibly become paintings.

More often than not, our drives end up on roads that follow the Grand River, offering many scenic stretches that can almost make you think that you’re actually not that close to a city.

This is the case for this painting. During this particular drive, a thunder-storm was brewing, and the trees in the distance hide the river that is beckoning the rain to refresh its banks.

Thunder Sky by Amy Ferrari acrylic on canvas 40 " x 30"
Thunder Sky by Amy Ferrari
acrylic on canvas 40 ” x 30″

519 208 7729

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