26th Kitchener Guides

Guirl Guides 26th Kit Quilt 1

Lorraine thought it would be fun to introduce the girls of the 26th Kitchener Guides to the wonders of the watershed through my dolls and their stories. They where going to make a community quilt using this project as its inspiration.

“I think the amazing thing about this project is that they were inspired by your presentation to be interested in the natural wonders of the watershed and were willing to try and learn a traditional skill that was new and tough for a lot of them in order to show off these wonders.  They showed a lot of perseverance in doing the quilting which took them four meetings to do.

We laid all the pictures out on the floor and the girls learned about colour and design by moving them around till they got a good spread of the colours and the birds, butterflies and flowers.  I stitched the pieces together in the order that they chose. Then they actually did the work of stretching it and putting it on the quilting frame.” Lorraine Green

Thanks girls!

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